Bringing offshore talent

to enterprises like

Online Retailers and Marketers, public relations and advertising

Common Roles: online online sales & marketing administration, Social Media Media Management, Content Creation, client support, IT helpdesk support, online systems support

Professional Services firms, Accountants, Law firms, Architectect, Design, PR, Recruitment, manufacturers

Common Roles: Client support, IT helpdesk support, Accounting, and book-keeping, Project Administration, software testing and development, CAD development, online marketing administration

Scientific and Technology Innovations and Services

Common Roles: Accountants, payroll and accounts payable/receivable, Project Coordinators and Administrators, Sales and Marketing Administration, IT Support, SW development

businesses like yours.

Offshore Remote Staffing Components:

Sourcing and Recruiting

Sourcing and recruiting

the specific individuals you need - to your meet your position requirements

We take detailed job description and person-fit for your business.

We take detailed job description and fit for your business.

We aren't providing you a job title- we are sourcing you the right person for your team, a team member that will grow, as you grow, long term.

HR admin Back-office

Offshore employer HR admin back-office for your offshore team

After interviewing and hire, your new offshore team member is onboarded onto local payroll under local employment law.

Our Local partner services include all HR management and payroll & benefits, taxes and compliance.

Office Facilities

and IT

Supply of the office facilities and IT so your team can work productively in a modern office environment

Your team members work in a modern, safe and secure office environment, with computer and high-speed internet, with secure login to your business applications you've given access.

Your team members work in a supportive team environment with other professional peers, working US business hours directly for you alone.

All-in cost of an offshore team member, including, hr management and oversight, hr/payroll/benefits and office facilities/it, works out at around 25% of the cost of a local staff member.




Schedule a discovery call

Let's talk through your staff requirements and structure talent and team integration solutions.

We'll be able to share other client projects and onshore/offshore team setups that have been successful. Schedule a time that suits you.

What operations and administration functions you can source today?

  • 3D Artist
  • Accountant
  • Architect
  • Back-end developer
  • Bid Manager
  • Book Keeper
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Collections officer
  • Data Entry
  • Dental Administration Assistant
  • Digital Marketer
  • Draftsperson
  • eCommerce Marketing Administrator
  • Front-end developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Logistics coordinator

  • Mortgage administrator
  • Multi-media specialists
  • Office Administrator
  • Registered Nurses (telemedicine/ healthcare support)
  • Payroll officer
  • Product catalog specialist
  • Purchasing officer

  • Real estate assistant
  • Recruiter
  • Researcher
  • Senior Technical Support
  • Social Media Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Technical Support
  • Video Editor
  • Virtual Assistant
  • ... And many others!


Talent Associates are a Talent Acquisition Strategy and Solutions firm, implementing solutions from high-skill and leadership talent sectors, to whole-of enterprise.

We've implemented these offshore remote staff solutions with many clients and had much success and are looking to rapidly grow this complementary part of our Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Solution set

Find out more about our other services here.

Talent Associates are a channel and talent acquisition implementation partner, to a range of Offshore remote staffing providers

20 years experience in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment.

Bringing a team of project leads, recruiters, recruitment technologists, recruitment marketing specialists to meet needs of our clients.

Experienced implementing highly successful International Recruitment, contingent workforce management and staffing solutions on three continents.

Building trusted partner relationships.

Talent Acquisition offshore remote staffing channel partner project leadership. with services are paid by our staffing channel partners, not the end client.

Improving service levels at no extra cost.

Limited time new client and referral incentives!

Pilot our offshore remote staff services to start a new business relationship, and we'll reward with new client incentives.

We build beneficial relationships built for long-term.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of a full time remote person?

Of course, it depends on the labour market rate for the profession and experience, so let us know your interest and the types of positions you might be interested in engaging.

==> Schedule a time to talk about the types of positions you hire - or fill in the quick questionnaire and we can provide up-to-date market information.

We'll provide you guidance on income levels for junior to mid-range to senior level income expectations for that role type, to work with you during US business hours.

As a very rough guide, a mid-range all-in cost-saving of 75% over your local payroll is a useful benchmark.

This includes a 'seat' cost which encompasses all HR/admin/payroll/health benefits, as well as office and IT facilities for the team member.

Our partners pay higher-than-local salaries in a competitive employment market with all salary and seat costs transparent to you. If you want to reward a payrise or bonus, 100% is paid to the team member.

Is there an English language barrier?

Did you know that the Philippines had the 4th largest population of English speakers in the world?

English is the language of education and business and our professional candidates are University graduates.

English language skills are widely spread. With the Philippine nation's ties to the US from the earliest part of the 20th century and many decades of being a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing, there is a huge population of professional English speakers, from University graduates to experienced business professionals.

How do I find people?

That's part of our services. Work with you to take your business requirements and the considerations needed to integrate them as a remote worker - made so much easier with systems and processes being changed because of the Pandemic.

We take a full position requirement, taking into account your culture and personality fit, and our recruitment team goes to work.

We present do you a short list of candidates for review, interview and offer - just like they were a local staff member.

How do I manage them?

Once you've made a decision to hire, we make the offer and onboard them in the Philippines onto local payroll.

All HR operations are in compliance with Philippines laws and regulations. They are set-up with secure bio-metric ID for the facility, Computer with private custom login, headset and webcam.

On their first day, they're taken through local orientation - which can also include courses on US practices for instance HIPAA compliance, as well as your staff onboarding processes.

HR, local admin, and payroll staff act as your local HR partner - performing all HR / Payroll, health benefits, 13th-month salary, paying statutory national taxes, and everything else around compliance with Philippine employment law.

Everything else work-related is managed by you!

Set project management or regular job functions just as you would with a local staff member, and stay in contact with your team members throughout the day through voice and video.

Access to your business IT software and data you give access so they can perform the functions of their role is set and controlled by you. Its further secured by in-application passwords with custom access levels, behind computer-user-login and password, known only to your staff team-member, operating in a secure office requiring a bio-metric pass to access.

Your staff work during US work hours with two 15-minute breaks and an hour for an extended meal break during their workday.

How do I make my remote team pilot project successful?

First, we'll help guide you we're you need it and when you have challenges.

Most organizations now have business software and process to allow for remote work, as an adaptation to the Pandemic.

We'll help you take those and extend them to your new offshore team members.

The cornerstone of a successful remote staff is to treat your offshore team as you would your US team and integrate them into your business.

They are performing their assigned functions, as part of your team. integrate your offshore team members with their US team members. Include them in your training and development plan and above the values and operations procedures and service levels. When an offshore team member is ready to take on new responsibilities, advance them.

We've found that opportunity - for professional education, for career development and for community are key drivers to building a resilient, loyal and skilled offshore team that will grow your business long term, and reward with diligence and commitment.

Get more done, reduce your labor costs and improve your customer experience! ​ ​

We source and employ your support person for you in the Philippines, supply their technical tools to integrate with your workflows.

We onboard locally and integrate them into your team as if they were in the office next to you.

Your outsource staff work from one of our modern offices in the Philippines and work your US business hours.

Need experienced support staff?

Get growing today with a fully managed offshore solution.

Support staff to handle your specialist administration functions - allowing your high-value US teams to laser focus on high-value tasks - and better serve your internal and external clients.

Struggling to get committed staff to support your company's growth in this post-pandemic world? ​ ​

Embrace a remote-work world, with fully qualified ambitious and talented support staff based in the Philippines.​​

We provide full transparency on one monthly invoice. You see monthly salary and our employer management fee which includes all employee benefits, health insurance, statutory employment taxes, office and technology, with 100% transparency.

If you want to increase your remote staff members income, provide a bonus, or any other financial benefit, 100% of that remuneration goes to your valued offshore team member.

Your offshore team's careers will grow as fast as you can!

Want to explore? We'll send you our Outsourcing Guide.

We've teams with over 4,000 remote workers in the Philippines, working for companies in US, Europe and Australia,

providing Healthcare Administration Support, Real Estate Support, Customer Service, Information Technology Technical Support, Accounting and Bookkeeping, and Collections services

We ready to be your long-term offshore staffing partner

Schedule a discovery call

Let's talk through your staff requirements and structure talent and integration solutions.

We'll be able to share other client projects and onshore/offshore team setups that have been successful. Schedule a time that suits you.

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